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Founded in 1998, Silversand Event Management India Pvt. Ltd is an Events Management & Entertainment Production company that has been in existence for the past fourteen years. It was set up by management graduates combining their 20 years old experience in Marketing and Sales. During this span, we have been able to study, learn and execute more than 1000 events.
Innovative Services

In addition to event planning and management, we provide our clients with innovative services. Our creative department helps us with all the visuals needed during the event planning and proposal stages and later takes over the design of the event theme and visual content. Since we have this service in-house, it translates to greater control over quality and shorter production and interaction times with our clients.

Having our creative department, with its extensive experience in event semantics design, as part of team during the planning stage, means mistakes are virtually eliminated and our successes are not products of chance. Nothing helps our clients and our suppliers more than being able to see how the event looks exactly before it is executed. We also prize our ability to produce event visual materials in-house as no one knows how to produce our concepts better than we do. Silver Sand, a renowned event management company in Pune. It also contains a lot of branches like in Chandigarh, Goa

  • Event conceptualization
  • Event designs
  • Event presentations
  • 3D Visualisation and blueprints
  • Stage and props designs
  • Booth and exhibition designs
  • Below-the-line designs
  • Script and storyboarding
  • DVD and multimedia authoring
  • Web content development
  • Light design

For us, no wedding is too grand nor too inti mate, our trained wedding events
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